About Us

TXW Solutions is a certified provider of information technology solutions for clients in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia metropolitan area. The TXW team has more than 20+ years of government and commercial contract experience. We specialize in providing IT Services and solutions, as well as technology-based management consultancy.

We call ourselves a technology transformation company because we know how to harness the power of technology to change the way you do business and meet mission objectives. Our industry leading technical expertise, strategic partnerships and portfolio of services and solutions that span the entire lifecycle of technology have made us the partner of choice for clients in the commercial, federal, state, and local government markets interested in optimizing business processes and maximizing the value of their investments.

TXW has a core of experienced personnel comprised of Software and Network Engineers, Business Analysts, Trainers, Testers, and Database Architects. Our success is centered on the application of Agile Software Development Methodology that has proven effective as we develop repeatable and easily maintainable applications for the life of any project. We combine our architectural design and development of the system’s environment emphasizing the integration of industry leading-edge network technologies while maintaining operational efficiency.

At TXW we believe that the proper implementation IT brings forth value. Our mission is to provide organizations the most appropriate service or solution that corresponds to an organization’s needs or requirements by aligning information technology with overall organizational strategy. Our core value is to empower our clients through the appropriate application and consumption of technology.